Bloom Township celebrates Illinois Township Day

Lansing’s “other township” highlights programs, services, and events on Bloom Township Day

Bloom Township Day
Bloom Township showcased their programs and services on Bloom Township Day, September 21, 2017.
by Melanie Jongsma

Bloom Township Day
Lansing, Illinois, is located in both Bloom Township and Thornton Township.
CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (September 21, 2017) – Most of Lansing is in Thornton Township, and as Illinois’ largest township, Thornton is very active and visible. But Lansing residents south of 186th Street are part of Bloom Township, and Supervisor TJ Somer wants people to “get a better understanding of all of the programs, services, and events your township has to offer.” Somer and Bloom Township staff put together an event as part of Illinois Township Day, so that residents in Lansing and the other 11 villages Bloom Township serves could “learn how Bloom Township Government works for you.”

Sheryl Ford, Senior Director for Bloom Township, explained, “A few of our programs are just for Bloom residents, but a lot of our programs are open to anybody who would like to participate.” Ford explained that all the townships work together to serve residents and make resources available regardless of a resident’s address.

Bloom Township Day
Sheryl Ford (right) is Senior Director for Bloom Township. Dorothy McMillian (left) is a Flossmoor resident. She arrived at Bloom Township headquarters on Halsted to ask about appealing her taxes and was surprised to discover the Bloom Township Day celebration taking place.

Bloom Township Day
Sarah Edwards is the Energy Efficiency Community Outreach Coordinator. At Bloom Township Day she was offering free radon testing kits along with guidelines for measuring radon in the home.
Bloom Township Day
Bloom Township has an active Youth and Family Services division. Rosa Cruz is one of the bilingual counselors available for families in Bloom Township.
Bloom Township Day
Joyce Black (left) is an intake specialist for Bloom Township’s General Assistance program. Here she assists Chung-ho Liao, from Homewood, complete a raffle ticket for one of the prizes offered during the celebration.
Bloom Township Day
“Everyone eats in Bloom Township,” says the promotional material for the Bloom Township Food Pantry. Susana Perez (in blue) is the Food Pantry Manager. The pantry is open twice a week.
Bloom Township Day
The Lions of Illinois Foundation made their hearing screening van available for a couple hours of Bloom Township Day. A three-minute on-site test gave people quick results that they could discuss with their doctor or audiologist.

Bloom Township Day
Kay MacNeil donned her butterfly wings and shared information about monarch butterflies. She partners with Bloom Township’s Highway Commissioner Joe Stanfa, who is working to plant milkweed along all the unincorporated public highways. Milkweed is the only plant monarch butterflies will lay their eggs on.
The Bloom Township Center is located in Chicago Heights at 425 S. Halsted Street. Bloom Township offers Senior Services, Youth and Family Services, Food Pantry, General Assistance, Disabled Services, an Assessor’s Office, and a Clerk’s office. The Center is an authorized provider for the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, and they serve as a cooling center for people who need access to air conditioning.

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