Scenes from the Schultz Park movie night

Greater awareness, perfect weather, and a popular movie all factors in movie night success

photos and text by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (July 13, 2018) – The bounce house was inflated, the game truck was parked, the caricature guy was ready, and park district refreshment booth was stocked. Starting at 6:30pm, families were welcomed to the south end of Schultz Park for two hours of games and snacks before the showing of Coco on the big screen.

Movie night
Around 8:00pm, Superintendent Oralethea Davenport counted about 100 people settling in for the movie. “As it gets darker, more will come,” she explained.
Movie night
“One more for Rocket League,” the game truck man said to the crowd lined up waiting to play.
Movie night
Others chose outdoor games during the pre-show party.
Movie night
Lots of kids lined up to see how caricature artist Bill Jackson would render them.
Movie night
The bounce house is a good way to burn off energy before the movie.
Movie night
The park district sold typical movie fare as refreshments.
Movie night
Oralethea Davenport made fresh popcorn for movie-goers.
Movie night
Another satisfied customer.
Movie night
While kids were getting their last turns in the bounce house and game truck, parents took advantage of the opportunity to check email before the show.
Movie night
Superintendent Michelle Havran did a tech check to make sure the show could start promptly at 8:30pm.
Movie night
By 9:00pm the park was dark.
Movie night
By the time the show started, an estimated 200 people were in attendance. Superintendent Davenport said one reason more people came to this movie night than the previous one was because they wanted to see Coco.
Movie Night
By the light of their smart phones, park district staff packed up the remaining refreshments—they had sold out of everything but a few bottles of water and Diet Coke.

There are four more movie nights scheduled in Lansing parks this summer:

  • Friday, July 20—Star Wars: The Last Jedi, at Rotary Park (193rd and Sherman)
  • Friday, August 3—Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, at Lan-Oak Park (180th and Arcadia)
  • Friday, August 10—Wonder Woman, at Lions Park (177th and Bernadine)
  • Friday, August 17—A Wrinkle in Time, at Potts Park (172nd West of Oakwood Avenue)

Games and refreshments are available beginning at 6:30pm, with each movie scheduled to begin at 8:30pm.


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