2018 highlights—Women making a difference

2018 was a big year in Lansing, and The Lansing Journal recorded hundreds of stories. In these last days of 2018 and the opening days of 2019, we share some highlights chosen by different members of The Lansing Journal writing team. Jennifer Yos grew up on Walter Street in Lansing with nine siblings. She is now a retired teacher and freelance journalist who was an early supporter of The Lansing Journal before agreeing to share her writing skills this year. In deciding which favorite stories to highlight, Jennifer chose to focus on some of the interesting women she met in 2018.

by Jennifer Yos

Jennifer Yos
As a reporter for The Lansing Journal, I have met many “behind-the-scenes” women making a positive difference in our community. My 2018 year-in-review includes just a few, but my shout-out extends to all.


(Photo: LNN)

Library Director Debbie Albrecht


(Photo: Trinity Lutheran Church)

Trinity Lutheran Office Manager Megan Roe


Park District Fitness/Athletics Coordinator Celestra Warren


Business Owner and Day-Brightener Tiny Noble

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