Coolidge claims Roundball Classic championship

Lansing community wins financial and food donations

by Ashlee De Wit

LANSING, Ill. (February 27, 2019) – The Coolidge Cougars are the Roundball Classic champions this year, defeating the Heritage Nationals by a score of 39-16 in the final game on Tuesday night.

Coolidge won the Roundball Classic championship game, 39-16 over Heritage, at Memorial Junior High School on Tuesday night. The Cougars went undefeated in the tournament. (Photo: Ashlee De Wit)

The Lansing community raised more than $5,000 and brought in more than 5,000 food items for the Lansing Food Pantry during this year’s tournament, which is sponsored by Lansing businesses and benefits Lansing charities.

MLB player and TF South alum Curtis Granderson pledged to match up to $5,000 of donations, so more than $10,000 will be distributed.

Look for a full story and more photos from the Roundball Classic in the March print issue of The Lansing Journal.


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