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The Lansing Journal serves residents, schools, churches, and businesses in Lansing, Illinois, with community-building news and info. We all benefit when Lansing has a newspaper.

The Lansing Journal is a news source that Lansing, Illinois, residents look forward to reading, whether they are old-timers or newcomers; white collar or blue collar; black, brown, or white; young or old.

Lansing resident Juanita Ceasar reads The Lansing Journal during break on United Flight at O’Hare Airport. (Picture taken by coworker)

A town of about 28,000 residents, Lansing has an active social calendar, a thriving business community, creative churches, and engaged students. A local newspaper is necessary in order to keep people informed and connected. We publish news in all these Categories:

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A lot of people love receiving our monthly print edition in the mail. Others prefer to receive a few headlines by email each morning, which they can scan and click to read the full story. There is no cost to subscribe to our Daily News email, and subscribers are first to receive the news—before Facebook followers, before Twitter followers, and long before the print version is produced.

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Obituaries included
“I quit my subscription to The Times a few months ago,” one Lansing resident told us. “The only reason we subscribed was to not miss death notices, but now we can get this on the internet very easily. The Lansing Journal is doing a great service to the Lansing community!”

All we need is your email address to get you signed up, though if you provide additional information, one day we might be able to customize our news delivery options.

Businesses benefit too

The Lansing Journal offers unique opportunities for local businesses too. Our journalists cover local grand openings, ribbon-cuttings, expansions, and remodels, and that information reminds people to shop local. We’ve shared the histories of established Lansing businesses and celebrated the arrival of new ventures.

In addition, our advertising opportunities target local customers and prospects.

For organizations who like to measure clicks and impressions, we can set you up with ads on our website or in our daily email—and we can provide you a report of the specific results your ad is getting.

No matter which format you choose, know that your advertising dollars are supporting Lansing’s only newspaper—and the community is grateful!

“We’re enjoying the paper very much and the writing is excellent. Thank you!”

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of the content and of the writing in The Lansing Journal. I believe you are doing a great service for the Lansing community. Thank you!”

Embedded coverage

It makes a difference when the people sharing local news are local residents. We don’t just drop in when something sensational happens—we live here. We care. We’ll still be here tomorrow and the next day.

People trust us to tell their stories because they know who we are—we are their neighbors and friends. We attend church with them and send our kids to the same schools.

A newspaper for all of Lansing

Open HouseThe Lansing Journal is a newspaper for all of Lansing. Not only do we want to cover diverse stories in Lansing, we actually want diverse people to participate with us in providing news, photos, and story ideas. We want a variety of businesses to advertise in our pages and on our website. We are eager to keep learning and exploring new ways of gathering and sharing information, so all Lansing residents can have the newspaper our community deserves.

Want to learn more about that? Read this award-winning editorial:

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