2019 IFPA Awards

The Lansing Journal won second place for local business coverage as evidenced in these two issues.
Melanie Jongsma’s September 2018 editorial won second place in the Original Writing – Editorial category.

Local Business Coverage – second place

The May 2018 issue of the paper, which included articles about the Lansing Chamber of Commerce Good Neighbor Day Parade, and the April 3, 2019, issue that highlighted how Torrence construction would impact local business, garnered the newspaper second place for local business coverage.

Editorial Original Writing – second place

The September 2018 editorial titled “A newspaper for all of Lansing,” which was written by Lansing Journal Managing Editor Melanie Jongsma, won second place for editorial original writing. This award is presented to the best editorial on a subject of local community interest, which personifies strong hometown allegiance and fearless expression of opinion.

Self Promotion – third place

The paper’s feature called The Lansing Journal Journeys won third place for self promotion, being honored for promoting the use of the paper by advertisers or acceptance by readers.

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2019 AFCP Best of the Best Awards

Best Front Page – Newsprint

Description: “Entries will be judged on overall creativity, appeal, typography, and professional appearance.”

Submission: July 4, 2018, issue
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Award: Third Place

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2018 AFCP Best of the Best Awards

Most Improved–Minimum 26% Editorial Content

Description: “Entries will be judged on cover design, presentation of editorial and advertising design, use of photography and illustrations, organization, print quality and overall look and feel.”

Submission: A comparison of an April 2017 Lansing Shopper and the inaugural issue of The Lansing Journal, which published on September 13, 2017.

Award: Second Place









Best Original Writing–News

Lansing gets a dog park,” from the November 2018 issue.
Description: “News articles for current events within a community, such as crime, politics, business development and public policy.”

Submission: “Lansing gets a dog park,” from the November 2018 issue.

Award: Second Place

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