“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of the content and of the writing in The Lansing Journal. I believe you are doing a great service for the Lansing community. Thank you!” –J.Y., email, 11/2/17

“Great Lansing news articles. Looking forward to the next edition.” –M.P., Facebook, 10/30/17

“Very glad to see Lansing have print coverage again. Thank you and all future success!” –E.G., Facebook, 10/30/17

“I love love love this paper. I read it cover to cover every [time] it comes out. So proud of these hometown kids.” –D.C., Facebook, 10/19/17

“You are so awesome to come up with The Lansing Journal. Thank you so much in sharing all the great articles of Lansing…. Please continue it.” –S. O., Facebook, 10/5/17

“Enjoying The Lansing Journal. Thank you for all your work. Great job!” –J.P.W., letter, 9/17

“Dear Lansing Journal Staff, Thanks for starting up a local paper. Great articles so far!” –B.R.D., card, 9/25/17

“Please accept the enclosed gift to help cover some of your expenses. It’s a great idea to have a local Lansing paper.” –J.B., letter, 9/17

“I was able to sit down last night and read your new paper. I am very impressed with its local flavor. Something we’ve needed for many years here in town. Kudos to you and all involved.” –M.G., Facebook, 9/15/17

“Hi I’m calling from Calumet City. I just wanted tell you I picked up my first issue of The Lansing Journal yesterday, and it’s a great paper. Thank you so much for publishing this paper. It’s wonderful. I remember the old Journal that used to be, and then of course the Shopper, but I think it’s great that you merged the two, so now you’ve got area news, great stories, local finds–wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you. Sure wish Calumet City would do something, but this time they’re ready to pull the plug on it. We’re thinking of moving to Lansing. Take care.” –Transcription of a voicemail message left 9/14/17

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