The Lansing Journal journeys: Mackinac Island

submitted by Kris O’Connor Kris O’Connor took a break from her salon—Classy Cuts (3365 Ridge Road)—to celebrate her 20th anniversary with her husband Brodie. They traveled to Mackinac Island, Michigan—and to make the occasion even more celebrative, they took along The Lansing Journal. “It is hilarious—” wrote Kris, “everybody that sees my Lansing Journal thinks … Read more

The Lansing Journal journeys: Remembering the Alamo

The Alamo

submitted by Jenny Polley Jenny added this story about her Lansing Journal Journey—As she and Jamie boarded a shuttle to the Alamo, with their Lansing Journal in hand, the shuttle driver asked where they were from. “Chicago,” replied Jamie. “Lansing?” asked the driver. “Yes!” they answered, surprised. “I’m from Cal City,” said the driver, and … Read more

The Lansing Journal journeys: ECHO at the airport (and Lynnie Ques)

submitted by Maureen Grady-Perovich Keep those Journals journeying! There are lots of interesting places in Lansing where you could bring The Lansing Journal and snap a photo. Email photos to Include the following info: The names of any people in the photo Info about where the photo was taken The name of the person … Read more