Lansing Voices Thoughtful comments submitted by Ronald Kingsbury My name is Ronald Kingsbury. I am 82 years old and lived in Lansing from 1940 to 1953. I attended Calvin Coolidge Grade School, Memorial Junior High School, and the Thornton Fractional High School that was in Calumet City. Growing up in Lansing during those years was … Read more

Saluting The Lansing Journal

Lansing Voices Michelle Ford Congratulations to The Lansing Journal for an outstanding job covering the recent local election. As a member of the community, I appreciate the attention given to candidates, the forums and other events, early voting/polling place information, and post-election results. A job well done, thank you. Michelle Ford Lansing, Illinois The Lansing … Read more

Vote anyway

Lansing Voices Michelle Ford I remember the first time I got to vote, I stood in the rain with college friends waiting to cast our ballots. That evening, we talked about the election, idealism bouncing off the dorm walls. Later we learned our candidate had lost. No matter who your candidates are—right, left, or in … Read more

Embracing our diversity by adapting our institutions

Lansing Voices thoughtful comments submitted by Rev. Daniel Roels, New Hope Church The strain in Lansing is evident. It is difficult to know what to do when the raw racial nerve that runs through our whole country is exposed among us, here. A recent Halloween display raises the specter of the racial lynchings that are … Read more


Lansing Voices thoughtful comments submitted by Phillip Thornton I was watching a show on PBS called “The Brain.” This segment was about how the brain needs to be around other brains to develop into a normal human brain. It was explaining empathy and how we have more empathy for people who are common to us … Read more