Agendas: Village Board and Committee of the Whole meetings – 7/14/20

LANSING, Ill. (July 11, 2020) – The July 14 meetings of the Village Board begin at 6:45pm with a Public Hearing about the annual budget. The regular Board meeting follows at 7:00pm, and the Committee of the Whole meeting begins directly after the Board meeting adjourns. Public Hearing agenda (6:45pm) Call to order Roll call … Read more

Village Board approves salary increase for Clerk

Mayor, Trustee salaries not included in amendment by Melanie Jongsma LANSING, Ill. (June 14, 2020) – At the June 2 Village Board meeting, Trustees voted unanimously to approve Ordinance #20-015, which amends Chapter 2, Article VII of the Lansing Municipal Code. The Village Clerk salary is currently set at $45,000. Ordinance #20-015 proposes two possible … Read more