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in The Lansing Journal

We offer a variety of ad sizes, with prices that range from $1,000 to $100. For that investment, your ad will be delivered to 7,500 Lansing mailboxes and distributed to 30 locations throughout town. That’s the same reach as your direct mail postcard, at a lower cost, and in a format that people look forward to receiving.

Choose from the following:

  • Full page (10.25 x 16″)—B&W: $600; Color: $800; Back page: $1,000
  • Half page vertical (5 x 16″)—B&W: $340; Color: $455
  • Half page horizontal (10.25 x 7.75″)—B&W: $340; Color: $455
  • Quarter page vertical (5 x 7.75″)—B&W: $200; Color: $275
  • Eighth page horizontal (5 x 3.625″)—B&W: $100; Color: $135

These are prices for one-time ads. If you want your ad to run for multiple months, we can offer even better pricing. Email an ad rep——or call 708-921-4938, and we’ll talk through some options.

Visualize your ad

Here’s a visual of those ad sizes (not actual size).
Here’s a visual of those ad sizes (not actual size, but you get the idea).

Reach Lansing shoppers

The Lansing Journal is the only newspaper dedicated to Lansing, Illinois. Until now, businesses in Chicago’s south suburbs were forced to rely on larger newspapers to reach local customers. But those papers often neglect Lansing, and Lansing residents are frustrated. The Lansing Journal is meeting a real need expressed by Lansing consumers. “I’m giving up my Times subscription!” is something we’ve heard from Lansing Journal readers!

Timely advertising

We come out in print on the first Wednesday of each month, so your ad can highlight your monthly specials, seasonal sales, or holiday events. Our reasonable rates and reliable schedule make it easy for you to plan your whole year of advertising.

Email or call 708-921-4938, so you can tell us your ideas.

You can shop local too

Just as important, your advertising dollars support The Lansing Journal, a newspaper dedicated to the Lansing community. We need the support of our business community in order to continue providing professional, balanced, local news.

Advertising rates

Download our easy-to-read Ad Rates PDF to determine the best fit for your business, school, or church.

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