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We offer a variety of ad options, with prices that range from $1,000 to $100. For that investment, your print ad will be delivered to 8,770 Lansing mailboxes and distributed to locations in Lansing and surrounding towns. That’s the same reach as a direct mail postcard, at a lower cost, and in a format that people look forward to receiving.

Your digital ad will receive thousands of views from people in Lansing and surrounding areas. And we can link the ad to your Facebook page, website, custom landing page, or even an email address so that you can turn those page views into paying customers. Contact us to start the process or discuss ideas.

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* Note: Because there is only one back page ad, this space is sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Also, even if you don't know the content of your ad yet, you can give us a heads-up about the space you need, particularly for print ads. (It helps us plan the layout.)
The Lansing Journal is published on the first Wednesday of each month. We need to receive artwork by noon on the Friday before that Wednesday.
(in case we have questions about your submission)
If you would like The Lansing Journal to design your ad, please describe what you have in mind in as much detail as possible, including preferred fonts, colors, and arrangement. If you have photos, logos, or other digital files you'd like us to work with, use the Upload Artwork field to share them with us.

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We can accept your credit card information over the phone—708-921-4938. Call to let us know the name on the card, the card number, its expiration date, the CVC, and the zip code of the cardholder.

If you prefer to pay by check, we can come pick it up, or you can mail it to The Lansing Journal, PO Box 742, Lansing IL 60438.

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Reasons to advertise in
The Lansing Journal

Reach local readers

The Lansing Journal is the only newspaper dedicated to Lansing, Illinois, and the neighboring villages unreached by larger media. Readers look forward to receiving it each month, and they read it cover to cover.

Highlight monthly specials

We come out in print on the first Wednesday of each month, so your ad can highlight your monthly specials, seasonal sales, or holiday events. Our digital ads can send people directly to your own website or Facebook page where you are updating your message regularly anyway. Our reasonable rates and reliable schedule make it easy for you to plan your whole year of advertising. Need ideas? We can help with that too.

Support local news

Your advertising dollars support The Lansing Journal, a newspaper dedicated to the Lansing community. We need the support of our business community in order to continue providing professional, balanced, local news.

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